A couple of months ago I wrapped up a new elective subject that I developed for the Master of Design at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Print: Researching Contexts was the first dedicated screen printing subject to be offered for postgraduate students as a summer intensive, and it was a great opportunity to give the students a means to explore a broad range of materials, environments and experimental applications within the framework of silk screen printing.

Taught by myself and Joanna Fowles, the students were briefed with responding to a unique location in their neighbourhood or the wider Sydney locale. After thoroughly investigating the historical, environmental and social aspects of this place, they were tasked with developing a screen design reflecting this response. The prints produced from these were not limited to textiles or paper – metal, polyamides, wood and ceramics were all employed as base surfaces. As a final task, the resulting print pieces were photographed in situ at the location they aimed to represent.

Here are a few of the process and outcome photos.







Hui Wen Goh.



Nina Holden.


Yidan Zhang.


Yuhong Pan.


Yeshun Meng.


Ping Ren.