I am an Australian designer, artist and educator working in the areas of textile and fashion design, craft, sustainability and community development.

I have worked in design studios and educational institutions in Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo, and most recently as a casual lecturer and subject coordinator at the University of Technology, Sydney. I am currently spending a year carrying out independent research in Kyoto, Japan.

I have coordinated and led a group of design students from UTS on a two-week Global Design Studio across Japan, and developed a new textile print subject for the UTS Master of Design postgraduate degree. Recently, I have been working closely with The Social Outfit on their apparel and print design, marketing and digital presence to help them achieve sustained growth as a one-of-a-kind fashion social enterprise.

My personal work is process-driven, with a strong emphasis on collaboration, skills sharing and an end goal of reducing waste and encouraging a more sustainable, ethical mindset within the fashion and textile industry.

I have worked closely on projects with The Social Outfit, Ken Done, The Old Clare Hotel, WGSN, Vantan Design Institute, Per-Tim, L’Officiel Australia, Mayamiko and Art & About.

Kyoto, Japan.

+81 080 9999 7312

For all enquiries please contact eloise@rrrapp.com.